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Road, Street, Car Park, Mission Critical


Road, Street, Car Park, Mission Critical

Solar Overhead Lights

Australian Made, premium, mission critical, overhead road & street light.

SOLANOVA is a high performance, overhead solar lighting system for roads & streets, reserves & parks, car parks, pathways & pedestrian access ways, jetty & boat ramps, mine sites, and industrial areas.

Australian designed & manufactured for Australian compliance, SOLANOVA is a safe & simple low-cost installation.


SOLANOVA offers a premium, high performance, overhead solar lighting system. HIGHLUX has sold over 500 SOLANOVA units to councils, mines, and the construction industries throughout Australia. SOLANOVA features a powerful solar engine, with a simple design and features for minimal maintenance and no ongoing costs.

Made & designed in Australia

Designed & manufactured in Hawthorn East, Melbourne.

Clean energy

Plugged in to the sun, conversion optimised to location, with superior optics in our luminaire range.

Easy to install

Pre-assembled packed components for plug & play assembly on site; no quals or specialised skills needed.

Minimal maintenance

Once a year health check if needed. Hinged solar engine means easy access to components.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel


No power bills

Off-grid, stand-alone unit.

Vandal resistant (IK09)

Max impact rating IK10.
Protective cage available for engine & luminaire.

Fully customisable

Made to order, fit for purpose: eg on/off timing; dim/bright etc

High performance

LiFePO4 battery, MPPT controller & high efficiency luminaire for optimised conversion & reliable output 365 nights a year.

Remote monitoring & GPS tracking

Bluetooth-enabled solar controller allows remote monitoring & programming.

SOLANOVA Applications

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  • How many years will the SOLANOVA last?+

    SOLANOVA is warranted for 5 years for design, manufacture, performance & battery.

    A 7-year warranty is offered for mission-critical SOLANOVA configurations.

    SOLANOVA is designed to last 20+ years with scheduled battery replacements.

  • Will the light stay on all night?+

    SOLANOVA’s performance warranty means HIGHLUX guarantees the system will operate as programmed dusk to dawn, 365 nights of the year. 

  • What lighting programs are there for SOLANOVA?+

    Standard program is on at dusk, off at dawn. 

    Various split-time options for pre-programming available, for example, turn off after 3 hours, or turn on at 11pm, or turn on 2 hours before dawn.  Dimming programming alone or in combination with split-time, for example, after 3 hours, dim to lowest level of P-category compliance, increasing when motion detected.    

    Motion sensor add-ons available.

  • What is the lumen output?+

    HIGHLUX standard European luminaire has LED 28.8W (3,548 lumen); usually dimmed to allow for all night operation, depending on location.

    HIGHLUX stocks a select range of high-quality luminaires to suit a range of lighting objectives.

  • How will SOLANOVA perform in bad weather?+

    Brilliantly!  And reliably.

    SOLANOVA is designed for reliable operation, calculated based on the more challenging solar conditions in Australia. 
    Standard SOLANOVA operation allows for more than 3 nights autonomy (~45 hours without recharge).  Mission-critical configuration allows for ~75 hours without recharge (more than 5 nights autonomy).

  • Can the battery be replaced?+


    A battery change should not be required for the term of the 5 and 7-year warranties applied.  After the warranty period, HIGHLUX recommends scheduled battery changes every 5 years. 

    The hinged solar engine design, coupled with the swing pole system, makes upgrades and battery replacements cost-effective because no special equipment or qualifications are required for access to the system, as well as the simple plug and play change over.

    SOLANOVA’s design has the flexibility to respond to, and incorporate, advances in battery and solar technology for each scheduled upgrade outside the warranty period.  This means, when you choose the SOLANOVA, upgrades are supported to incorporate the latest technology for the expected 20+ year design life.  Each upgrade comes with a refreshed warranty for the new components installed.

  • What type of battery is in the SOLANOVA?+

    Standard programmed SOLANOVA carries the LiFePO4, 60Ah battery (5-year warranty).

    Mission critical programmed SOLANOVA carries the LiFePO4, 100Ah battery (7-year warranty).

  • What luminaire will the SOLANOVA come with?+

    HIGHLUX stock and support a select range of high-quality luminaires with superior optics for compliance lighting. 

    SOLANOVA can power a wide range of luminaires. 

  • What type of pole will I need? +

    For public and mining applications where safety and cost-effective maintenance is critical, the SOLANOVA is designed to be installed on an engineered swing pole.  Fixed pole options are also available. 

  • How long will SOLANOVA take to arrive?+

    Standard lead time is 3 to 4 weeks.

    Urgent orders can usually be accommodated, with a lead time of up to 5 days.

  • Do I need to clean the SOLANOVA?+

    SOLANOVA is very low maintenance.

    HIGHLUX recommends an annual “health check” and provides instructions for this, which can include a “wipe down” of the luminaire and solar panel during the health check.  However, cleaning, and even the health check, are not usually needed unless SOLANOVA is installed in an area of more extreme conditions such as extreme temperatures, or high level of dust or other air-borne particles. 

  • How can I protect the SOLANOVA from theft or damage?+

    SOLANOVA, including the selected luminaires, are above an ingress protection of IK09 as standard.  A protective cage is available for some of the luminaires HIGHLUX stocks.

    A protective cage is available for the solar panel of the SOLANOVA, which may be needed in areas of high risk of vandalism, or where the panel needs to be protected from falling rock or other heavy debris.