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Solar Lighting Solutions

Open Area, Parks & Reserves Lighting

Solar lighting creates accessible shared public areas, an invitation to explore

Solar lighting to open public areas creates a feeling of safety and security, providing an invitation to explore and interact with local ecosystems. Parks, reserves, and open areas facilitate community connectedness and incidental interactions with nature.

The importance of incidental interactions with nature for human health is becoming commonplace on the agenda of local councils.  This means an investment in solar lighting to dog parks, pedestrian access ways, open spaces, parks, and reserves, is acknowledged as an investment in human health for individuals and communities.  And of course, the well-recognised benefit of solar: solar plugs in to the sun – a natural resource that offers off-grid options and no power bills, cabling or trenching through open areas, parks and reserves. 

HIGHLUX solar lights and solar lighting systems produce a soft natural light of low light pollution.  When HIGHLUX specifies solar lighting for any job, the objective is to make a recommendation for lighting to achieve the required lighting objective, and, to add in “lighting only where needed” – to strike that balance between optimised use of the area, and the least disruption to the immediate ecosystem.  For example, the release of Generation 2 of the Australian Solar Bollard in 2018 offered a well-directed LED light splay with an optic to direct light only downward on to the area needing to be illuminated – further reducing light pollution and light waste. 

The SOLABLADE has introduced an energy-saving program (P2) option, where the light output sits at a very low level all night, brightening to 100% when motion is detected underneath.  The P2 program on the SOLABLADE has expanded SOLABLADEs applicability in areas where there is low use from dusk to dawn, but the existence of a light facilitates pedestrian flow through an open area which had previously remained too dark for safe use.  Relatedly, the SOLANOVA is completely programmable, able to be programmed to peak time only, off during certain hours, or dimmed to 25%… whatever is required for that application.


For open areas, parks and reserves, HIGHLUX recommends one of, or sometimes a mix of options from:

SOLABOLLARD: an Australian Made industrial grade solar bollard light, typically installed at 1m height with an estimated light splay of around 6 to 9m diameter

SOLABLADE: a mid-price range overhead light with motion sensor that sits up on a standard pole at 4 to 5m high with an estimated light splay of around 12 to 16m diameter

SOLANOVA: a premium Australian Made overhead lighting system with a simple, efficient design, with powerful capability offering an estimated light splay of 60m diameter