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Solar Lighting Solutions

Pedestrian Access Ways Lighting

Solar lighting facilitates pedestrian traffic through a built environment

Pedestrian access ways (PAW) are traffic-free laneways, designed to facilitate easy and efficient pedestrian movement in all areas of built environments. HIGHLUX most commonly recommends solar bollards for PAWs, however, in rural, remote, or areas of high crime and vandalism, a more powerful and “high up” system such as the SOLANOVA may be recommended where it provides a value-add option.

For pedestrian access ways (PAW) lighting, HIGHLUX most commonly recommends solar bollards, or SOLANOVA:

SOLABOLLARD: an Australian Made industrial-grade solar bollard light, typically installed at 1m height with an estimated light splay of around 6 to 9m diameter.

SOLANOVA: a premium Australian Made overhead lighting system with a simple, efficient design, with powerful capability offering an estimated light splay of 60m diameter.