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Solar Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Accessibility, security & safety.  An invitation to explore shared public areas, with lighting to enhance the natural landscape. Pathway lighting facilitates the efficient use of an urban environment.

Pathway & walking lighting is SOLABOLLARD’s bread and butter. Spaced about 9 to 12 metres apart, SOLABOLLARD is a “dig in and walk away” off-grid, long-term, low-maintenance, solar bollard light. 

SOLABLADE and SOLANOVA are an overhead lighting option for pathway lighting in our sola range.

Solar outdoor pathway lights make shared public spaces safe & accessible

Solar lighting along a pathway can bring an outdoor space to life! Solar pathway lighting offers a low level of natural light in an outdoor space to minimise disruption to the local ecosystem, while optimising use of shared public spaces and human movement within urban environments. 

Our most common request from customers is to light pathways, driveways, pedestrian access ways, bike paths and other shared foot-traffic areas through parks, reserves, apartment blocks, residential care, and in school and university campuses with solar. 

HIGHLUX offers three products for pathways.  All three products can be applied to meet AS/NZS compliance standards for pathway lighting or can be used as a waypoint light.  All HIGHLUX products have a minimum 5-year warranty, which means there is no battery change in any product for at least 5 years.  

For pathway lighting, HIGHLUX recommends:

SOLABOLLARD: an Australian Made industrial grade solar bollard light, typically installed at 1m height with an estimated light splay of around 6 to 9m diameter.

SOLABLADE: a mid-price range overhead light with motion sensor that sits up on a standard pole at 4 to 5m high with an estimated light splay of around 12 to 16m diameter

SOLANOVA: a premium Australian Made overhead lighting system with a simple, efficient design, with powerful capability offering an estimated light splay of 60m diameter