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SOLANOVA Solar Lighting Pathways Through Campus at RMIT Bundoora, VIC

University campuses are alive day and night with activity!  RMIT invested in solar lighting for its McKimmies Road perimeter, as well as a main pathway through its Bundoora Campus.      

SOLANOVA for AS/NZS Compliant Pedestrian Pathway Lighting

Date installed: February 2020
Customer: Airmaster (and RMIT)
Compliance: AS/NZS P4 Pathway lighting
Product: 36x SOLANOVA

Adaptable & High Performance Solar Lighting with SOLANOVA

HIGHLUX supplied 36x SOLANOVA systems, along with 6m engineered swing poles to Airmaster for the RMIT solar lighting project.  SOLANOVA systems were spaced up to 32m apart along the two designated pathways across the Bundoora campus. Spacing between units was calculated based on how much shading is along the pathway, with each system being configured to account for shading at each proposed installation point.  At three installation points, shading was significant, and double panels for these positions (2x 120W = 240W) were needed to capture enough sunlight to run the lights as specified.  

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