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A Solar Bollard light with an Australian Made and Owned logo on it.

Pathway, Waypoint, Pedestrian Access Way

A Solar Bollard light with an Australian Made and Owned logo on it.


Pathway, Waypoint, Pedestrian Access Way

Solar Bollard Light

Award winning, vandal resistant, Solar Bollard for pathway & waypoint lighting

Industrial-grade solar bollard lights for councils, mines, and building & construction industries. Featuring high vandal resistance, low maintenance, & reliable dusk to dawn operation all year round.

The solar bollard gives out a low level environmentally friendly, natural white light, with minimum light spill (wastage), and a minimum 5-year warranty on performance.

Solar Bollard is one of the most effective industrial solar bollard lights on the market, providing reliable dusk to dawn lighting all night, every night. Yes, even in winter, because of its ability to “hold charge” for a minimum 4 consecutive nights. 

HIGHLUX is the exclusive distributor of Solar Bollard Lighting bollards for WA, VIC, TAS, and SA

Solar Bollard Features

This solar bollard is a vandal resistant, industrial grade, solar bollard light, designed and made in Australia since 2005. HIGHLUX has been selling the solar bollard for near on 10 years to councils, mines, holiday parks, residential facilities, builders, landscapers and more. 

Made & designed in Australia

100% Australian, designed & manufactured in Queensland

Built to last 15+ years

Built with industrial grade materials, with a robust tried & tested poly dome

Clean energy

Plugged in to the sun, low light pollution, soft natural white light, recyclable components

Easy to install

Can DIY, don’t need a qualified installer

Minimal maintenance

A gentle annual wipe with a soft cloth

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Protective Dome Housing

Anti-theft Fasteners

Lithium Battery

Fixed inside of the pole.

Marine-grade Aluminium Pole

No power bills

Off-grid, stand-alone unit

High vandal resistance (IK10)

Highest impact rating IK10, robust installation options

All night operation

Full power from dusk to dawn, every night of the year.

Made to order

We match the power model of each bollard to the amount of sun it will get in winter. This is the key to reliable solar.

Solar Bollard is Highly Vandal Resistant

Virtually indestructible, the dome housing of the solar bollard is built to withstand “the baseball bat” test, with anti-theft fasteners, and two robust installation options.

With more than a decade market presence, these globally recognised vandal resistant solar bollards will operate 365 nights a year in the harshest and most diverse environments. From sea front communities with heavy salt water conditions to extremely hot and dusty desert environments such as the Pilbara.

Graffiti and paint is easily cleaned from the solar bollard head and its aluminum post. The shape of the dome head means bird droppings and other debris can’t build up! A gentle annual wipe of the solar bollard head keeps the bollards looking beautiful all year round.

Two Generations of the Solar Bollard

There are two generations of Solar Bollard, SOLABOLLARD Generation 1 (SBL1), and SOLABOLLARD Generation 2 (SBL2).  It is primarily the LED arrangement that sets the two Generations apart, each generation specifically designed to achieve the two most common lighting tasks – waypoint lighting (SBL1) and compliance lighting (SBL2).

Solar Bollard Applications

Solar Solutions /

All Applications

Solar Bollard FAQ

  • How many years will the Solar Bollard last?+

    Solar Bollard has a 15+ year design-life. 

    Solar Bollard is warranted for 5 years for SBL1, and 10 years for SBL2.

    If well-maintained and installed in its correct position, your solar bollard is expected to last beyond the 15+ years with one to two (maximum) battery changes over this period

  • Will the Solar Bollard last along the coast?+

    Yes!  Coastal challenges are a breeze for this solar bollard!

    Solar Bollard has a marine-grade aluminium pole, and an ingress protection of IP66 for the SBL1, and IP68 for the SBL2 (fully submersible up to 3m).

  • Will the Solar Bollard light stay on all night?+

    Yes. The Solar Bollard is designed to run at full power dusk to dawn, every night of the year.

  • How will the Solar Bollards perform in bad weather?+

    Very well!  Solar Bollard is designed to perform reliably through stretches of bad weather.  For example, an SBL2 standard power model (160mA), will run for more than 100 hours without full recharge.  100 hours is more than 7 x 14-hour winter nights in a row without any solar input.

  • Can the battery in the Solar Bollard be replaced?+

    Yes, the battery can be replaced.

    Solar Bollard is designed and manufactured to run reliably dusk to dawn, 365 night a year, for a minimum 5 years (SBL1) or 10 years (SBL2) without any battery change!  After the warranty period, if the battery needs replacing, HIGHLUX supplies spare parts including batteries for all solar bollard models.  A replacement battery will cost around $100. 

  • How are these Solar Bollards installed?+

    Two installation options:

    • Direct Bury (DB), where a hole is dug into the ground and the bollard is inserted about 30cm (with cement).
    • Base Plate (BP), where the bollard will be attached to an existing structure such as a path, jetty, or walkway (base plate attachment option costs about $50 more than the direct bury option). 
  • Which power model of Solar Bollard will I need?+

    HIGHLUX is here to help work out the best power model for the position you want to install each solar bollard.

    As a general rule, areas north of Jurien Bay (WA) and Coffs Harbour (NSW) are suited to the higher power models, at or above 160mA.  Southern regions are suited to the lower power models at or below 160mA.

  • How far apart should these Solar Bollards be placed?+

    For waypoint lighting using Solar Bollard Gen 1 (SBL1), these can be spaced 6, 9 or 12 metres apart, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve for the lighting project.

    To meet AS/NZS Category PP5 (the old P4) compliance standards, Solar Bollard Gen 2 (SBL2), is typically spaced at 9 or 10 metres apart for a 1.2m wide pathway, with a 160mA power model of bollard.  HIGHLUX can provide exact number and spacing to achieve PP4/PP5, depending on the length & width of the pathway, as well as the power model required for any shading along the path.

  • What is the difference between 1st Gen (SBL1) & 2nd Gen (SBL2) Solar Bollards?+

    Solar Bollard Generation 1 (SBL1) has 10+ years track record and is ideal for waypoint lighting.

    Solar Bollard Generation 2 (SBL2) came out mid-2018, developed specifically to illuminate pathways to AS/NZS standard pedestrian category PP5 (previously P4).  SBL2 is also built to be completely submersible in 3m of water without damage, and has a range of power models able to operate in light to heavy shade.  SBL2 is more expensive than SBL1, however, fewer SBL2 are needed to achieve the same lighting as SBL1.

  • How long will the Solar Bollards take to arrive?+

    Lead time is up to 21 working days from receipt of payment for standard solar bollard models. 

    Having the solar bollard’s pole painted (powder coating) can add a week to the lead time.

    Special orders, such as 3m installed height, can take longer (no more than 30 working days).

    If your project is urgent, please let us know at time of order.

  • How much does shipping cost for Solar Bollards?+

    HIGHLUX uses a competitive shipping platform to get the best shipping price for each customer at the time of order.

    Pricing is based on dispatch from our warehouse in Brisbane (Brendale, 4500) to your selected destination.  Budget for minimum $30 a bollard.

    Shipping dimensions for a standard size solar bollard (1m installed height):
    1x direct bury: 10kg, 134 x 30 x 30cm
    1x base plate: 10kg, 105 x 30 x 30cm

  • Do I need to clean the Solar Bollards?+

    The curved shape of the bollard’s dome head means dirt, bird droppings, and leaves fall away, allowing the solar panel’s continued exposure to the sun’s rays to charge. An annual gentle clean is recommended, with a very soft cloth using a side-ways motion (rather than circular) with a little detergent.   Please check manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning.

    In more extreme solar regions like the Pilbara and the Kimberley, a “wipe” twice a year is recommended to maintain the integrity of the poly carbonate.

  • What if the Solar Bollard gets graffitied?+

    As soon as possible, apply ethanol using a very soft cloth using a side-ways (rather than circular) motion to begin to remove the graffiti.  Please check manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning graffiti.

Solar Bollard

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