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Solar Bollards Lighting Through Surf Coast’s Gillean Place Pedestrian Access Way, Lara, VIC

Pedestrian access ways (PAW) facilitate pedestrian movement through built up areas. Solar Lighting with robust and reliable Solar Bollards was a priority for City of Greater Geelong. 

Date installed: April 2020
Customer: City of Greater Geelong
Compliance: AS/NZS Compliant PP5
Product: 5x Solar Bollard Gen 2 (SBL2)

Order Code: SBL2-120ANW-1140DBA

Product Description: Solar Bollard Gen 2, low power (120mA) to accommodate shading for region (VIC), Asymmetric LED arrangement, Natural White (4,000K), 1m installed height, direct bury installation, marine-grade aluminium post

Solar Bollard Gen 2 is an Effective PP5 Compliant Light with Little Light Waste

At Gillean Place in Lara, five 1m high, 120mA Solar Bollards spaced ~8m apart met AS/NZS Pedestrian Compliance lighting (PP5). While the feature photo isn’t going to win any photography awards, you can see there is no “back-light” thrown from the Solar Bollards. All light is thrown onto the path rather than backward up onto the fence (and wasted).

PP5, in practice, means there is no “dark spots” between the light on the path between each bollard – the light splay “joins up”.

The physical features of the SBL2 that make it “efficient” is the asymmetric LED arrangement, the superior optic used, and the placement of the LEDs along the “ceiling” of the inner cone that direct all light “onto the path”.

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