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Security & Perimeter


Security & Perimeter

Solar Security Lighting

A robust little perimeter & security light.

Triggered by motion, the SOLANERO brightens on approach and stays bright until no motion is detected for 30 seconds.

Ideal for bin areas, public toilets, entrance & side access gates. Attaches to wall structures at approximately 3m high.

Easy installation with plug and play connection.

Runs dusk to dawn at 1 watt and brightens to 10 watts with motion detection.

Five-year warranty on both performance and design manufacture.


SOLANERO offers a simple, cost-effective, perimeter and security solar lighting solution. SOLANERO gives out a natural white (4,000k) symmetric light pattern. 

Split system

Separate panel and light for optimal positioning of panel in the sun. Compact, contained unit with integrated light battery.

Clean energy

Plugged in to the sun, optic directs light downward offering low light pollution.

Easy to install

Built-in bracket on panel and light for easy installation, 3m cable standard. Solar panel to face north in sunny position – can attach to flat surface.

Minimal maintenance

Keep panel free of shade, and annual panel clean recommended.

No power bills

Off-grid, stand-alone unit.

Impact resistant

Robust unit using industrial-grade materials.

Energy-saving mode

Standard program: light comes on at dusk at full power (100%) for 3 hours, then drops down to energy-saving mode (25%) for rest of night till dawn. Other programs such as “energy-saving mode dusk to dawn” available.

Motion sensor

In energy-saving mode, when motion detected, light brightens to 100%, dropping back to energy-saving mode after 30 seconds of no motion detected.