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Solar Lighting Solutions

Mining Lighting

Safety, purpose-built, mission-critical & eco-friendly solar lighting

Lighting on mine sites was the very first job for HIGHLUX and the reason HIGHLUX exists today. Stand-alone, off-grid solar lighting is perfect for rural and remote locations of mine sites.

Ecologically Responsible

For the mine camps, the right lights can be a humble contribution to a well-rested and safe workforce. Solar bollards offer a soft, natural white light, guiding pedestrians through the camp site. Solar bollards are a stand-alone, “dig-in and walk away” product, with a 5 or 10-year warranty on design, manufacture and performance. The dome-shaped head is aesthetically pleasing and practical – no bird poo can build up on top! 

Environmentally speaking, the solar bollard Generation 2 is low light pollution and light waste, with the least disruption to the immediate ecosystem. These environmental parameters are achieved with the soft natural white light (~4,000K), that the LED optics direct light downward where it is needed, and, the LEDs are in an asymmetric arrangement (no back light). In some cases, where wildlife may be disturbed, a warm white colour temperature (~3,000K) is requested. For areas that are right in line with breeding areas for turtles, a 605-620nm is available.