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SOLABLADE Solar Car Park Light product image.

Pathway, Car Park, Jetty

SOLABLADE Solar Car Park Light product image.


Pathway, Car Park, Jetty

Solar Panel Light

Simple, cost-effective, overhead area light.

Industrial-grade solar overhead light for open areas, parks, reserves, pathway lighting, jetties & boat ramps, campus lighting & small car parks.

SOLABLADE is a compact, all-in-one integrated system with motion sensor. SOLABLADE fits on to a standard pipe pole. Offers reliable dusk to dawn operation all year round.

Five-year warranty on both performance and design manufacture.


SOLABLADE offers a simple, cost-effective, overhead solar lighting solution. HIGHLUX has been selling the SOLABLADE for near on 5 years to councils, mines, holiday parks, residential facilities, builders, landscapers and more. SOLABLADE gives out a natural white (4,000k) symmetric light pattern. 


An integrated unit of LED luminaire, solar panel, battery, with ready-to-attach bracket and motion sensor.

Low wind load (0.05m2)

Lightweight, compact, all-in-one unit (6kg)

Clean energy

Plugged in to the sun, optic directs light downward offering low light pollution.

Easy to install

Built-in bracket fits on to standard pipe pole, with bracket already set to correct angle (15°). Solar panel to face north.

Minimal maintenance

Keep trees trimmed, & any other shading, from blocking sun to solar panel.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Fastening Bolts


for 60 or 76mm OD section.


On bottom side.

Motion Sensor

Passive Infrared (PIR) on bottom side.

No power bills

Off-grid, stand-alone unit.

Vandal resistant (IK09)

Robust unit using industrial-grade materials. Sits up on pole at between 4 & 6m.

Energy-saving mode

Standard program: light comes on at dusk at full power (100%) for 3 hours, then drops down to energy-saving mode (25%) for rest of night till dawn. Other programs such as “energy-saving mode dusk to dawn” available.

Motion sensor

In energy-saving mode, when motion detected, light brightens to 100%, dropping back to energy-saving mode after 30 seconds of no motion detected.

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  • How many years will the SOLABLADE last?+

    SOLABLADE is warranted for 5 years for design, manufacture, performance & battery.

    If well-maintained and installed correctly, SOLABLADE is expected to last more than 5 years.

  • Will the light stay on all night?+

    SOLABLADE is designed to be “on” from dusk to dawn every night of the year, for at least the term of its 5-year warranty.  We offer the SOLABLADE with one of two motion-sensing options, pre-programmed:

    Program 1: Light comes on at dusk at full power (100%) for the first 3 hours of the night, then drops down to energy-saving mode (25%) for the rest of the night till dawn.  In energy-saving mode (25%), when motion is detected, the light ramps back up to full brightness (100%), and remains bright, dropping back down to energy-saving mode (25%) after 30 seconds of no motion being detected.


    Program 2: Light comes on at dusk in energy-saving mode (25%). When motion detected, light ramps up to full brightness (100%).  After no further motion detected for 30 seconds, light returns to energy-saving mode (25%).

    HIGHLUX will have determined with you the program that best suits your lighting objective before we place your order.

  • Which lighting program will I need?+

    HIGHLUX will have determined with you which of the two programs best suits your lighting objective before we place your order.  As a guide:

    Program 1 is the “standard program” suited to small car parks, campus lighting, parks & reserves with high traffic in those first few hours of the night, for example, along a public pathway.

    Program 2 is for applications where there is low or intermittent traffic to the area, or where the minimum disturbance to wildlife is desirable.  Program 2 is a more “energy-saving” program compared with Program 1.

  • Which power setting will I need?+

    There are two POWER setting options for SOLABLADE, 6W (low) and 10W (high). 

    HIGHLUX will have determined with you the power setting you’ll need before we place your order.

    When you receive your SOLABLADE, you will need to select the power setting recommended by HIGHLUX. 

    As a general rule HIGHLUX recommends the 10W (high) power setting for all regions north of the latitude of 34 degrees (see map below) and the 6W power setting for regions south of this latitude. 

    Areas north of Jurien Bay (WA) and Coffs Harbour (NSW) are suited to the higher power setting (10W).  Southern regions are suited to the lower power setting (6W).

  • What is the lumen output?+

    Lumen output is determined by the two power settings.

    For northern regions using 10W (high power):

    • – 1000 lumen at full brightness (100%)
    • – 250 lumens in energy-saving mode (25%)

    For southern regions using 6W (low power):

    • – 600 lumen at full brightness (100%)
    • – 150 lumen in energy-saving mode (25%)
  • How will the SOLABLADE perform in bad weather?+

    SOLABLADE is designed to perform reliably through stretches of bad weather.  For example, a SOLABLADE can run for more than 42 hours (around 3 nights) without full recharge from the sun. 

  • Can the battery be replaced?+

    Yes, the battery can be replaced. 

    If the SOLABLADE is well-maintained and installed correctly, a battery replacement should not be needed for at least the term of the warranty.

  • What type of battery is in the SOLABLADE?+

    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).

  • How do I orient the SOLABLADE to catch right amount of sun?+

    SOLABLADE is an all-in-one compact unit, with integrated solar panel, light, battery, solar controller, motion sensor, and mounting bracket. 

    As an “all-in-one” the SOLABLADE does need a little planning, because the solar panel on the back must be oriented so it faces north, particularly in the southern regions of Australia, to catch the rays of the sun’s full path east to west during winter.  The need for the panel to face north, means the light direction is limited to lighting in a southern direction.     

    In northern parts of Australia, the orientation of the SOLBLADE has a bit more flexibility. 

    HIGHLUX is here to help make sure the SOLABLADE is in the best installed position to protect your warranty.

  • How does the SOLABLADE attach to the pole?+

    The bracket is designed to fit the SOLABLADE to the pole at the correct angle of 15 degrees. 
    Stainless steel fastening bolts are included.

  • What type of pole will I need?+

    SOLABLADE is a compact unit (7kg) with a low wind load (0.06m2).  The low wind load, coupled with the built-in bracket, means SOLABLADE can be installed on a standard length (6.5m) galvanised pipe pole (76mm OD, 3mm thick).  Galvanised pipe can be bought from any building supplier such as Robot Trading.  Get a pole cap to pop on top of the pole too!

    The pole can then be directly buried into the ground with concrete, for a finished height of between 4 to 5.5m. 

    SOLABLADE can also be installed on an engineered pole with 60mm-76mm spigot and foundation cage to suit soil conditions on site.

  • How far apart should SOLABLADEs be placed?+

    Spacing depends on a few factors, including the width of the path you’re wanting to light, how far the pole will be installed from the path, and the height at which the SOLABLADE will be installed up on to the pole.

    As a guide, for a 2m wide path, in the southern region of Australia (using 6W setting), with SOLABLADE mounted at around 5 metres high, SOLABLADE can be spaced 20m apart to achieve pedestrian category P4 standard (ASNZS1158.3.1:2005). 

    HIGHLUX offers compliance lighting design and advice as a standard part of our service.

  • How long will SOLABLADE take to arrive?+

    Lead time on standard orders is up to 5 working days from receipt of payment.    

    Special orders, such as black powder coating can take up to 10 working days.
    Customised programming or custom brackets can take longer.

    If your project is urgent, please let us know at time of order.

  • How much does shipping cost?+

    HIGHLUX uses a competitive shipping platform to get the best shipping price for each customer at the time of order.

    Pricing is based on dispatch from our warehouse in Hawthorn East (Post code 3213) to your selected destination. 

    Shipping dimensions for a SOLABLADE: 8kg, 84cm x 28cm x 17cm

  • Do I need to clean the SOLABLADE?+

    There is no maintenance needed for the SOLABLADE.  With the panel angled at 15 degrees, rain will wash off any debris that may have gathered.  The solar panel may need cleaning periodically in particularly dusty and dry parts of Australia.