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Wildlife Friendly Solar Bollards along the pathways of the Chevron Mine Camp, Barrow Island, WA

HIGHLUX worked with Ertech to provide an optimal Wildlife Friendly solar bollard solution for their customer.

Date Installed: 2021

Customer: Ertech for Chevron

Product: Solar Bollard Gen 2 (SBL2)

Order Code: SBL2-200AWW-0840BPPC-BLK-S

Product Description: 90x Solar Bollard Gen 2, asymmetric LED arrangement, high power (200mA) for region with full sun positions, warm white (3,000k), base-plate mounted, poles powder-coated black to reduce glare, 1m installed height

Specifications for Wildlife Friendly Solar Bollards at Remote Mine Site

The SBL2 with its well-directed optic, asymmetric LED arrangement, and a high quality optic directing light downward with little blurring, minimises light waste, as well as “light spill” protecting the immediate ecosystem.

The light temperature of the warm white (3,000K), at no extra cost, is considered a better fit for a range of wildlife than the natural white (4,300K), and the black powder coated pole ($20 additional cost), to reduce reflection and glare.

These specifications of the SBL2 met or exceeded the requirements on site for external lighting.

Wildlife Friendly Best Practice for Australian Solar Bollard Lighting

Our Wildlife Friendly parameters for the SBL2 are drawn from the Draft Light Pollution Guidelines: National Light Pollution Guidelines for Wildlife (2019) which reference Pendoley’s work (from which the Gorgon Lighting Requirements are also based). 

When HIGHLUX specify “wildlife friendly”, we’ve drawn from earlier work from the US Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Certified Wildlife Lighting (2014), with Australian recommendations remaining dominant in advice to customers – In the Draft Light Pollution Guidelines (pg 20) is the “best practice standards” for wildlife friendly lighting (See box at left).

Solar Bollard Gen 2 is Wildlife Friendly

In general, the SBL2, with its asymmetric LED arrangement, the light is well-directed downward, only where the light is needed, minimising horizontal and back light waste.

For Barrow Island, the reason the SBL2 was spec’d is because the SBL2 was specifically designed to strike that balance between safe human navigation through the sleeping quarters, and minimal disruption to the immediate ecosystem. 

Solar Bollard Gen 2’s design is also far more effective in achieving lighting standards for these same reasons – directed light, minimal waste. 

Black Powder Coating of the Pole Minimises Reflection to Protect Local Ecosystems

The literature suggests a non-reflective surface reduces glare and reflection, minimising light splayed to areas not intended for lighting. The black powder coat we have for our bollards is a matte finish, named Black Satin, with a minimimal cost of $20 per bollard.

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