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Cycleway: Solar Lighting for Shared Pathway by Dumaresq Creek in Armidale, NSW

This installation was part of the Armidale Regional Council’s investment in cycleways in the Armidale area (Bicycle Strategy & Action Plan).    

Reliable Stand Alone Solar with SOLANOVA

Date installed: October 2020
Customer: JLE Group
Compliance: AS/NZS P3 Pathway lighting
Product: 50x SOLANOVA

Solar Lighting Along 1.6km of Shared Public Pathway

Armidale Regional Council had identified a significant length of cycleway along Dumaresq Creek and surrounds they wanted to light with solar.  Council engaged an external consultant (LAANDS) to help them specify a solar lighting solution compliant with lighting standards and designed to provide reliable lighting all year round. 

Council then put out to tender a request for contractors to supply the council-approved solution, specifying HIGHLUX products as one of the options.  HIGHLUX SOLANOVA was selected based on cost, the systems capabilities in achieving the technical requirements set out in the tender, and, as a locally made product, able to meet the tight project timelines.  Despite a delay in the project authorisation pushing out the start date, HIGHLUX was able to expedite manufacture and delivery to meet Councils original project timelines.  The initial request from council was for 32x SOLANOVA, however, because of the realised cost-effectiveness of the system, Council increased their order to 49x systems, and then a further 3 systems toward projects’ end. 

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