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Solar Overhead Dog Park Lighting with SOLABLADE Malahang Reserve, VIC

Dog parks offer a safe space for dogs to play and socialise, while protecting other areas for animal-free play and exploration.   

Cost Effective Solar Lighting with Motion Sensing

Date installed: November 2020
Customer: Banyule City Council
Partner Project: Hilite Electrics
Compliance: Lighting for public area
Product: 4x SOLABLADE P1 6W with motion sensor

SOLABLADE P1 Program Perfect for Dog Park Use

HIGHLUX supplied four SOLABLADEs to Hilite Electrics who oversaw the project and installed the lights in Malahang Reserve. The off-leash area for dog play is a fenced off area at the southern end of Malahang Reserve. Mains lighting is in place along the pathways within Malahang Reserve, and street lighting runs close to the perimeter of the off-leash area. There was no lighting within the 160m stretch of dog park. Council opted for solar lighting with 4x SOLABLADEs positioned within the park away from the shade of trees, but strategically placed to optimise the lighting output to the area. 

SOLABLADE is a 10W max solar LED light, but down here in the southern half of Australia, the 6W (max) setting is needed to match the strength of the sun down here. In the 6W setting, SOLABLADE is a 1.5W soft natural white light dusk to dawn. Banyule City Council opted for the P1 program which is where the SOLABLADE comes on at full power (6W) for the first 3 hours of the night, then drops down to energy-saving mode (1.5W) for the rest of the night, turning off at dawn. In energy-saving mode, if motion is sensed, SOLABLADE ramps back up to the 6W until 30 seconds of no further motion being detected. The P1 program suits very well the expected use of a public dog park.

SOLABLADE in Heritage Green to Match Other Lights Across the Reserve

Banyule requested the SOLABLADE & the poles to be powder coated in Heritage Green to match the rest of the lighting assets across the wider reserve. All HIGHLUX solar lights are optionally powder coated almost any colour our customer desires.

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