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Solar Bollard Lighting for Carrapateena Mine, SA

With shift work and early starts, SOLABOLLARD offers an all-night soft, natural white light, guiding workers through the camp.  The dome shaped head is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical – no bird poo can build up on top!

Date installed: June 2019
Customer: L&H Port Augusta for Oz Minerals
Compliance: AS/NZS P4 Pathway lighting
Product: Solar Bollard Gen 2 (SBL2)

Order Code: SBL2-160ANW-0840BPA

Product Description: 66x Solar Bollard Gen 2, standard power for region with no shade (160mA), asymmetric LED arrangement, natural white (4,000K), base-plate mounted & direct bury, 1m installed height at 9m spacing for PP5

Safety, Security & Reliability in Solar Bollard Lighting in Rural & Remote Mine Accommodation

Photos shown were taken at dusk, just as the Solar Bollard lights come on in an evening. As the night rolls in, the light from the bollard grows brighter onto the path, and runs at a constant output through to dawn, all night, every night, for minimum of 10 years.

The soft natural white light of the bollards creates a safe and calm guide through the camp.  The SBL2 with its asymmetric LED pattern, minimises light wastage, and offers the least disruption to the immediate ecosystem.  Spacing between units was set at 9m for the 160mA power model to achieve PP5 compliance.  The 160mA is a standard power model of bollard.  There was some shading along the path, and a decision was made early in the planning and design phase to select the same power model for all bollards headed to site. 

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