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Solar Street lighting with SOLANOVA for the Laneways of Robert Street & Waterloo Road, Collingwood, VIC

Melbourne’s iconic inner-city laneways are like secret pathways full of dreamy nostalgia.  Laneways and pedestrian access ways facilitate public movement within built up metropolitan areas; lighting to these areas enhances their safety, usability, and aesthetics.   

SOLANOVA for Car Park Compliance Lighting

Date installed: September 2015
Customer: Yarra City Council and ICON Construction
Compliance: AS/NZS P11c Lighting for car park
Product: 4x SOLANOVA

SOLANOVA in Tight Spots & Laneways

HIGHLUX supplied and installed 5x SOLANOVA systems in Robert Street and 5x custom-built solar lighting poles in Waterloo Road, Collingwood. The custom poles in Waterloo Road are a combination of 2x solar power stations connected to the light poles via underground ELV cables.

Solar can be the more cost-effective solution in some situations where the cost to pull up the blue stones of heritage areas, outweighs the few to be temporarily displaced for a stand-alone solar option. In general, if there is mains power already to an area, then remaining with mains can be more cost-effective than solar. Where new trenching, or replacing wiring, any rural and remote areas, and anywhere near water, solar lighting is implicated.

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