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Stunning Effect with Solar Bollard Gen 1 in Entrance of Private Property

Solar Bollard Gen 1, with its soft, natural white light, and its outward and downward light splay, create a stunning effect in the entrance of a private residence in Warragul Vic.

Date installed: ~2014, upgrade kit 2019
Customer: Private Resident
Compliance: Waypoint lighting
Product: Solar Bollard Gen 1 (SBL1)

Order Code: SBL1-160NW-1140DBA

Product Description: Solar Bollard Gen 1, standard power for region (160mA) (VIC), Natural White (4,000K), 1m installed height, direct bury installation

Solar Bollard is a Long-Term Investment with Ongoing Support

These Solar Bollard Gen 1 installed in the entrance of this beautiful Warragul property were purchased in about 2014. Six years later, in 2019, the owners of the property got in touch with the manufacturer for their first battery change. The photo provided by the customer feature the solar bollards post battery change.

HIGHLUX arranged purchase of the “upgrade kit” which includes a new battery along with the “base-plate” (upgraded electronics) for ~$100 per set. We provide the driver tool to remove the security fasteners, then, swapping over to the new components is a simple process.

Once the components are swapped over, give the head a little love, and you’re off again for another 5 years minimum!

The electronics components can be sent to an e-waste centre, and the battery can go to a battery recycling centre. We can accept these parts on your behalf where needed for recycling.

Customised Australian Solar Bollards for Sodexo Varanus Island, WA