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The Ultimate Guide To Solar Bollard Lights

The Solar Bollard light is becoming one of the most popular options for outdoor commercial and industrial lighting settings in Australia. The Solar Bollard is an effective, cost-efficient light on the market, making it the perfect option for outdoor settings such as public parks and reserves, mining sites, pedestrian pathways and boat ramps.

What Are Solar Bollard Lights?

Solar Bollard lights are short pole lights that are powered by solar energy. They are environmentally friendly, built with industrial grade materials and produce a natural white light which helps illuminate pathways, gardens or walkways.

How Do Solar Bollards Work?

Each Solar Bollard is fitted with a solar panel that captures the sun’s rays during the day and then stores this power in the battery to be used at night. The batteries are designed to withhold light during winter and rainy seasons when sunlight is minimal. The lighting controller (inside) detects dusk and dawn, meaning a hassle-free, automatic lighting solution.

The Benefits Of The Solar Bollard Light

Weather Resistant

The Solar Bollard is made from industrial grade materials (with recyclable components too!) meaning they are built to last for long periods of time, in the most challenging of terrains and forecasts across Australia.The lights have sufficient back up battery to provide light during bad weather conditions. For example, an SBL2 standard power model (160mA), will run for more than 100 hours without full recharge. 100 hours is more than 7 x 14-hour winter nights in a row without any solar input.

Long Life & Warranty

The Solar Bollard has a design life of 15+ years. If well maintained, your Solar Bollard will last beyond the 15 years with 1 – 2 battery changes in between. At HIGHLUX, we offer a 5 year warranty for model SBL1 and a 10 year warranty for model SBL2.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

The bollard requires minimal maintenance and is virtually indestructible. It withstands “the baseball bat” test making it perfect for anti-theft and vandal resistant. Graffiti can be easily cleaned and the bollard is designed with a dome shaped head which means bird droppings and other dirt can build up.

What Industries Benefit From The Solar Bollard Light

Parks & Reserves

The height of the Solar Bollard – roughly 1 metre – makes it a perfect lighting choice for public parks and reserves. The light helps to create a safe outdoor environment for the public visiting parks in the evening. At HIGHLUX, we understand the importance of interactions between nature and humans which is why the Solar Bollard is the trusted choice by local councils to create a secure outdoor experience for communities.

Gardens & Campus Lighting

The Solar Bollard creates an accessible and secure lighting solution for public spaces, inclusive of campus grounds, gardens and retirement villages. Body corporate and residents frequently seek solar options for outdoor lighting due to the low maintenance and cost efficiency of the product.

Caravan Park Lighting

Holiday’s should be a memorable experience, which means appropriate solar lighting for your outdoor activities. The soft natural light of our solar bollards light up any pathway or landmark within the caravan park.

Pathway Lighting

It is important pedestrian access ways and pathway lights are illuminated to guarantee safety in built up areas and environments. The Solar Bollard is designed to produce a natural white light that lasts all night, making it the perfect light for pedestrian safety in pathways.

Jetty, Piers & Boat Ramps

Solar Bollards provide a reliable and solar powered illumination for piers, boat ramps and jetties, allowing boaters to feel safe navigating the docks and water after dark. The LED lights are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, meaning they are an adequate source of lighting near water.

Explore Our Range Of Solar Bollard Lighting Today!

HIGHLUX has over 10 years experience in solar lighting within Australia! The Solar Bollard is the trusted lighting solution amongst many industries. With two different Solar Bollard generations on the market – , SOLABOLLARD Generation 1 (SBL1), and SOLABOLLARD Generation 2 (SBL2), our team is happy to assist with finding the perfect fit for your lighting needs. Contact us today for a quote or call us on 1300 884 724 and one of our team members will be happy to help you!

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