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The Benefits Of Solar Street Lights

Solar lighting is a popular and sustainable choice of lighting across households and businesses. Solar street lighting is becoming frequently more popular as it is a feasible and dependable source of lighting amongst communities. It provides a great and durable lighting solution for pedestrians and drivers. Many communities are switching to solar street lights nowadays due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, What Is A Solar Street Light?

Before we look into the benefits of solar street lighting, first we need to know what solar lighting is. In the simplest of terms, solar street lights are lights powered by sunlight. Solar street lights use solar panels as an alternative source of energy. The panels then charge the rechargeable battery inside, giving the street light its source of energy to run all night long!

How Do Solar Street Lights Work?

The solar panel absorbs the sun’s rays and stores this energy or power into the battery inside. This battery is rechargeable, making solar street lights very environmentally friendly! The batteries are typically designed to withhold lighting during the winter and rainy seasons when sunlight can be minimal. The energy that is stored during the day in the battery, is then used at night time to power up the solar street lights.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Solar Street Lights?

Solar lighting is becoming increasingly popular every day amongst communities and businesses. More people are making the switch to solar lighting due to the many benefits. 


Using solar lighting for street lights means no energy bill which in the long run, saves you money.

Easy To Install

There is no wiring or electrical work required for the installation of solar street lights. Everything is integrated into the pole fitting making it easy to install! Our team at HIGHLUX are more than happy to assist you with any installing queries you have.

Environmentally Friendly

Using solar lighting is beneficial for the environment as it uses endless energy from the sun, rather than creating energy from fossil fuels which in the long run, reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. In return, this creates a more sustainable world for future generations.

Easy Maintenance

One of the many benefits of solar street lights is that they are generally much easier maintained than regular street lights. Solar street lights are not connected to an electrical grid so there are no connection problems that can arise.

Reliability & Durability

Solar street lights are tested and proven to be reliable. Regular street lights are prone to power blackouts however, solar street lights do not face this problem. If a problem does arise with a solar street light, it will only affect a singular street light instead of an entire grid. HIGHLUX Solar street lights are built to last for an extensive time, in the most challenging of terrains and forecasts across Australia.

HIGHLUX Is The First Choice For Solar Street Lighting In Australia

HIGHLUX is committed to delivering the best cost-effective solar street lights. With over 10 years experience in solar lighting solutions, we aim to deliver commercial and industrial solar lighting to Australia’s most challenging geographical locations. Contact us today for a free quote on solar street lighting. Alternatively, call us on 1300 884 724 and one of our team members will be happy to help you!

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