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Different Types of Commercial Solar Lights: A Guide

Solar lights have been increasinging popular due to many benefits, including the eco friendliness and cost effectiveness of the lights. Commercial solar lights can be used for various commercial settings such as street lights, security lighting and pedestrian lighting.  All these different types of commercial solar lights offer unique advantages and can help reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

What Is A Solar Light? 

Solar lights are a lighting source powered by the sun. Each light is fitted with panels, which stores energy from the sun and converts this energy into electricity to power the fitted battery. Solar lights are environmentally friendly and cost-effective, as they don’t require a connection to the electrical grid or traditional power sources. 

What Are The Different Types of Industrial Solar Lights?

HIGHLUX delivers smart solar lighting solutions suited to withstand all Australian conditions and environments. We offer a range of commercial grade LED solar lights that can be tailored to any project.Each Solar Bollard is fitted with a solar panel that captures the sun’s rays during the day and then stores this power in the battery to be used at night. The batteries are designed to withhold light during winter and rainy seasons when sunlight is minimal. The lighting controller (inside) detects dusk and dawn, meaning a hassle-free, automatic lighting solution.


The SolaBollard is a vandal resistant, industrial grade, solar bollard light, designed and made in Australia since 2005. It is typically used for landscape and pathway lighting. The SolaBollard consists of a cylinder shaped pole that is mounted into the ground and features an LED light on the top. The built-in solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stores it in a rechargeable battery.  Solar bollard lights provide a decorative, cost-effective lighting solution for many outdoor settings, including parks, gardens, pedestrian pathways and caravan park lighting.


SolaBlade is an all-in-one LED light fitted with motion sensors that activates the LED lights when motion is detected. The LED light provides a bright and efficient light, making it perfect for security and vandal resistant lighting. The SolaBlade has a built-in bracket that can be fitted easily to any standard pole. It is the perfect solution for illuminating outdoor areas like driveways, parks and reserves.


The SolaNova is a fully customisable, high performance, overhead LED lighting system, perfect for road and street lighting. The light is pre-assembled, creating an easy installation process and features a built-in bluetooth controller. Due to the design of the solar light, SolaNova is the perfect solution for mining sites, boat ramps, parks and pedestrian access ways.


The SolaVega is a cost-effective lighting solution with a built-in motion sensor. The SolaVega has a lithium battery, creating an easy installation process. The light can be grounded or pole mounted, and the solar panel can be mounted away from the pole. The LED light featured a standard program; utilises 100% of power for 3 hours, and then drops to an energy save mode until dawn. Due to the efficient light and design, the SolaVega is best for pathways and carparks to act as a security and vandal resistant lighting solution.


The SolaBaton is a high-performing, commercial grade solar batten light fitted with a motion sensor. The batten light is commonly used for indoor and outdoor applications, including public transport shelters, pedestrian tunnels and public picnic shelters. The SolaBaton consists of a long and narrow LED light bar that is mounted to a flat surface. The lights are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and low maintenance, as they do not require any electrical wiring or connections to the power grid.


The SolaNero is designed for perimeter and security lighting purposes. Offering a smaller design with easy installation, the SolaNero can be attached to any flat surface via a built-in bracket. The SolaNero is ideal for public toilets, entrances and side access gates. The light has an energy saving mode and motion detection sensor, making it an alternative energy-efficient lighting solution for commercial security purposes.

HIGHLUX Is The First Choice For The Best Solar Lights In Australia

HIGHLUX has over 10 years experience in the solar lighting industry, delivering the best commercial lighting solutions all over Australia. Contact us today for a free quote on solar street lighting. Alternatively, call us on 1300 884 724 and one of our team members will be happy to help you!

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