Car Park Lighting, LED Street Lights & Other Solar Applications

Solar Path Lights

Path lights often need to be switched on for longer duration compared to indoor lights. For this reason, it is important to find a cost effective solution. The best product would be solar path lights because they do not need electricity and main outlets to power them. Highlux’s solar path lights can be easily installed anywhere because they are pre-assembled. They can operate all night and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.


Car Park Lighting

Car park lighting should adequately light the whole area reaching corners. The lighting should be clear enough to assist CCTV monitoring. Depending on the area and traffic, the level of car park lighting should be directly proportional. For this reason, LED lights are typically use because of their high lumen levels. They do not easily heat up compared to incandescent lights and have better lifespan. Our car park lighting products come in aluminum alloy housing with silicone seal. We can help you in choosing the right product according to wattage and lumen level.


LED Street Lights

LED street lights should not only illuminate pathways, but also adjacent roads and surrounding areas. Street lights are important to help humans avoid accidents or security threats. A good street light should provide constant illumination level. Fluctuating lights is an absolute no-no. Street lights should produce good quality illumination, mimicking natural daylight as much as possible. Highlux’s LED street lights have the optimum light angles and fine quality optics to provide excellent illumination. Our smart LED lighting can go from dim to full power with the help of a motion sensor. We have several LED street lights to offer depending on light distribution, total area to be illuminated and lumen requirements.


Jetty Lighting

Two of the main reasons for installing jetty lighting are security and safety. Jetties, piers and coastal areas all need lights. However, jetty lighting should not give out too much glare. It must give out the right illumination, aesthetically enhancing the area while being functional at the same time. Our cost effective jetty lighting solution is run by solar energy, can run for four nights without charging and has a smart operating mode that illuminates in full during the first three hours, gradually dims the rest of the night and goes on full mode again once it detects movements in the surroundings. Give us a call now so we can provide a quote for your jetty lighting project.


Open Space Lighting

May it be parks, playgrounds, sarenas or any open spaces, Highlux has the right lighting solutions for your needs. Our LED and solar lighting products are cost effective, convenient to install, low on maintenance and lesser downtime. We have open space lighting solutions in various mount heights, dimensions and optics. Our LED and solar lighting products come in contemporary and classic designs. Contact us now so we can help you in your lighting needs.

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Above you will find a selection of our successful projects, both solar and mains, for a range of applications that show our specialty and focus.


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